It always seems to amaze me how quickly change occurs,

like a constant flowing river of near by cold waters,

ike the tides change bringing newness,

I know things never stay the same,

but this time it’s just not fair.


I feel like I just met you and now you move away,

And smile shyly knowing that this is your last day,

I pray we’ll keep in touch,I pray, because the past,

I’d say those thing and try it but those things don’t seem to last.


You’re the first friend that I met here I CHERISH you a bunch,

And although our times been short, know, I LOVE U very much.

I will always be here for you, to talk to listen to write,

At the very least in spirit, if am not in deer plain sight,

Email, write or call me , I’ll always lend an ear,

My schedules not so crazy, you know am always here.


I know one day ill visit you and you’ll be back am sure,

All I hope is that our friendship lasts, the test of time, so pure,

As I end this thought I know there’s more, so much there’s to say,

But I’ll leave that for another time, another friendly day.


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